If it’s digital and it markets, we do it!



If it’s digital and it markets, we do it!

Client Retention

We are proud to admit it, our clients love us. Once we create a relationship (think mom and pop shop) with a new client, and once we start to execute, our clients are always satisfied with the results, and the level of interaction that they get with My Guys Marketing.


My Guys Marketing prides itself in offering high value, high quality, marketing services at a price that meets or beats industry standards. Even if you can find a cheaper price, when it comes to our clients, no one will treat you better than My Guys Marketing.

10+Years of Service

My Guys Marketing team members are highly qualified, intelligent people who love what they do and make bettering your web presence their priority. We are web design and development, graphic design, social media, video and animation, and IT experts that are on the top of their game.


My Guys Marketing makes working in the digital space easy and convenient. We're here to not only better your social media presence, but, also to simplify the process of getting you there post haste.

Bigger Bottom Line Approach

My Guys Marketing follows the Bigger Bottom Line Approach. Our clients have to see an increase to their Bottom Line. Our business is based on making your business grow. Generating more customer interactions, garnering more calls, getting more website views, getting more reservations or bookings, with the end game being to produce more transactions so that your company thrives. That's what we do.

Knowledge & Execution

We have successfully executed many Client Projects. My Guys Marketing will continue to grow and offer you new and more features all the time. This is not our first rodeo, we know what the trends are, and we know how to implement.

Satisfied Clients