If it’s digital and it markets, we do it!



If it’s digital and it markets, we do it!


For Our Unlimited Graphic Design Plans

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please email us at Team@MyGuysMarketing.com,
or give us a ring at ‪(216) 223-8730‬.

Do I really get unlimited designs?

With the $299 Unlimited and $649 Turbo Plans you do get unlimited designs for a flat monthly rate. You can submit as many designs as you want.

What is the difference between the Unlimited Plan and the Turbo Plan?

With the Turbo Plan, you are guaranteed at least one task done every 24 hours (during regular business days). With the Unlimited Plan, we assign multiple clients to one designer. So, it can take one to four days for tasks to be completed depending on what’s in the queue for the Shared Designer.

What does 7-day Satisfaction Guarantee actually mean?

7 day satisfaction guarantee means that you can use the service for 7 days and as long as you have not approved and or downloaded a file then you can cancel the service and get a full refund, no questions asked. If you do approve a design or download then you will be charged the subscription price for the month, and remember you can cancel at any time, once you cancel you will not be charged again.

What will you design?

We design almost anything! Logos, Business Cards, T-Shirts, Banner Ads, Social Media Pages, Postcards, Book Covers, Flyers, Brochures, Web Pages, Letterhead, Posters, Menus, DVD Covers, And Much Much More!

How long does it take to receive designs?

This will vary based on the project. A simple business card design will be delivered sooner than a 6-panel brochure will. You will receive a logo design quicker than a website mockup, and so on. We aim to please and will work swiftly on your project without sacrificing quality.

What if I need 180 designs per day?

If you know your design volume will be higher than what a sole designer is able to handle, contact us for a customized account that fits your needs. We can outfit you with a multi-designer plan if need be.

Is there really no contract?

Yes, that’s right! There really is no contract.  No strings attached.

Can I give you design examples to show you which style I want to use?

100% – You can upload examples of stuff that you want to include in your design or to show the style that you want to use right from the User-Friendly Design Dashboard. We can even store your logos, brand colors, fonts, etc., in a brand profile to make future submissions quick and easy for you.

How long do revisions take to complete?

Revisions are usually made within 1 business day.

Can I sell the designs you make for me?

Yes, you are the sole owner of all the design files that we create. You can have all the source files as well.

How long do I have to wait before I can request designs?

Creating you profile in the User-Friendly Design Dashboard doesn’t take long at all.

How can I reach someone if I have any additional questions?

If you have any questions or concerns, you can email us at Team@MyGuysMarketing.com, or give us a call ‪(216) 223-8730‬ we’ll even help you get your first design setup in the User-Friendly Design Dashboard.